Sound and Light Therapy

“Our Destiny is made up of the confluence of three rivers — the Cosmic River (path of the soul); the genetic river (path of the bloodline); and the experiential river (path of this lifetime).

DNA controls the genetic river and this river is a large portion of our destiny.
Bio-chemically speaking, DNA consists of two long polymer spirals (the double helix),
with backbones made of sugars (glycosyls) and salts (phosphates) joined
together by enzymes using electro-magnetic interactions.

What does this mean in human-terms?
It means that at the most basic level, your DNA is made up of crystals (salt and sugar)
that carry on your life’s conversation using the sub-chemical energies
of electricity, magnetism, and light . . .

In the deepest energy levels of this conversation, DNA is an optical (light-based) system . . . the sub-microscopic salt and sugar crystals refract, reflect,
magnify or de-magnify specific frequencies within the full spectrum of this light.
There is a message being broadcast here through your DNA . . .
this message is the identity of your consciousness.
It is a light based system of color frequencies that carry the meaning, the purpose
and the unfolding nature of your bloodline and your consciousness through time-space.

Our consciousness determines where we are (our progress) within this massive
procession of evolution. The human body is the highest and most evolved
instrument for working with this procession of consciousness.
The previous level — the one just before the light based level —
is the level of sound (shabd in Sanskrit).
Sound (by the pressures it creates) generates electro-magnetic fields which control
and move the angles of these submicroscopic crystals of salts and sugars . . .
angles working with the light are controlled by sound.
When these angles move the message moves — the clarity is increased or decreased —
the understanding is increased or decreased and the angles —
known collectively as consciousness — is raised or lowered.
You are either growing or you are not.

Remember: consciousness is the only part of you that travels with you from life-time to life-time. It is a marker of your evolutionary soul progress.
The ultimate goal of all this progression is to become the messenger
of the message that all things have a profound-union — all things are one.
This is GOD consciousness.

Since sound controls these crystals, they are therefore directly affected
by the sounds of all your words, all your emotions (feelings),
all your thoughts (perceptions/opinions), and all your attitudes.
Discipline, discipline, discipline . . .
the reason we chant mantras, say prayers, sing songs of inspiration,
sing songs of love, recite banis (sacred prayers of the enlightened ones),
read scriptures (sacred writings of the enlightened ones) is to discipline our sounds.
This is why there are so many diverse practices and ways of disciplining
the sounds we make with our voices and with our thoughts.
This is why it is so important to speak properly, apologize rapidly, forgive quickly
and evolve yourself and inspire others through this journey . . .
the many levels of consciousness.

At the most microscopic level of observation, these crystals —
which make up the angles of consciousness — appear to be liquid.
This is why physical flexibility is so important when working on your consciousness . . .
liquids are the most flexible of all substances
and the crystals of your DNA respond to flexibility.
In fact, these crystals are perfectly arranged and held in their liquid positions
by your exact level of consciousness . . . to be either maintained in place,
or degenerated, or regenerated and progressed by your life —
the thoughts the words and the deeds of your lifetime.

Take the time to discipline yourself and grow in excellence and consciousness
so that your life is fulfilled and becomes an inspiration to all who meet you.
This is your greatest possible fulfillment of life.” -Guru singh